The Method

'The Method' is a cookbook full of ingredient-driven ideas and inspiration for home cooks. Ingredients and seasons change, but with these methods, you can always create something delicious. It began as a love for cooking, baking, and obsessive typesetting and turned into a labor of love that consumed my weekends, evenings, and my kitchen sink.

Cookbooks are my favorite kind of publication, obviously for the images of food, but more so for the systemic layout design and use of type to inform real-world decisions at a glance.

For this project, I wasn't satisfied with just setting the type and designing the book itself. I'm really passionate about food, and I believe cooking great food with fresh, seasonal ingredients should be approachable for everyone.

The recipes in 'The Method' are either my own, or adapted from blogs and cookbooks that I love. I cooked or assembled each recipe pictured and shot them in my own kitchen. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and I love to use natural light. I'm the type that will be absolutely starving but still take a few seconds to take photos of my food before digging in.

As with anything that utilizes lots of type, hierarchy of information was at the forefront of my mind and informed the grid that brought everything together. It was particularly difficult to create a system which would work for formulas all so different in length and content.

For this book, I used several weights of Rene Bieder's Sagona for headers and information that wasn't part of a specific recipe. Various weights of Myriad Pro made up most of the body text for legibility and clarity. 

To make things easier and even more glanceable for the cook, a small infographic can be found at the top of each recipe page. It concisely outlines details that may or may not be found in the recipe, like whether it's sweet or savory, in which season to make it, if you actually have to cook anything or just assemble, how quick and easy it is, and how many dishes you're going to have to wash.

The whole book is available for download below!