9th Element

9th element is a zine exploring light and the way it affects our perception of places, objects, and people at a primal yet ethereal level.

I've always been fascinated with light and the way something intangible can almost become an object in itself. Architect Peter Zumthor, in a short essay called Atmospheres, describes 9 elements which give buildings and spaces a distinct atmosphere and aesthetic, the last being the light on things and light as mass.

As light is ephemeral and immediate, this ongoing zine series focuses on physical materials and papers, photographs with engaging and narrative use of light, and typography that advances that narrative or becomes light or shadow on the page.

Volume 1 is photo-heavy to introduce readers
to the idea of seeing light as its own entity rather
than simply illuminating other objects.

Images of gradients in sunsets, harsh shadows, and man-made light sculpture that I had taken over several months make this first issue the most personally significant. As do excerpts from Frank Ocean, Sylvia Plath, and Peter Zumthor.

Volume 2 departs on a typography tangent, at a glance turning a single phrase into a texture, an amount of light, white of the paper, coming through and reaching the eyes.

How much light do you wish to take away from the page